GDPR Privacy Notice for Brenda Taylor

I hold some information about you. This document outlines how that information is used, who I may share that information with and how I keep it secure. Any additional information or explanation that you may require please email me at ‘[email protected]’. I keep my Privacy Notice under regular review. This Privacy Notice was last reviewed in April 2018

Who am I and what is the nature of my work?
I am an Occupational Therapist Specialising in the area of Mental Health and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.(HCPC). I work with individuals and couples using a variety of mental health tools to enable positive change.

What information do I collect from you?
On commencing therapy we complete a ‘contract for therapy’ form to include your name, address, contact phone number and email address as appropriate.
When needed, further assessment questionnaires are completed by hand and kept with your individual notes.
I write up every session on hand written notes to include my assessments, observations, aims and objectives. The notes are kept in the individual client’s folder in a locked filing cabinet. I do not keep any notes on my computer, USB stick or online. Concerning e-mail communication, my computer is password controlled and client e-mails are deleted where appropriate.

Why do I collect information?
Information is collected as a means to record assessments, evaluate progress, a reminder of previous sessions and to keep focused on aims and objectives of therapy.

Who might I share your information with?
Information is recorded solely for my benefit and I keep information about you confidential. I will only disclose your information with other third parties with your express, written and signed consent with the exception of the following:

How long do I keep hold of your information?
I am bound by my liability insurer to keep records for a minimum of 7 years and for a minimum of 7 years for an underage client when they turn 18 year. In practice I keep all my notes as clients regularly return to therapy even after many years gap. When I cease practising all my notes will be destroyed after 7 years.

How can I access the information you hold about me?
A formal written request needs to be sent to me.